Pooja Bhatt can`t talk about rape victims

Mumbai: Pooja Bhatt says many feel that she doesn`t have any right to show concern over safety of women because she introduced Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone into Bollywood.

Sunny made it to headlines with her stint on TV reality show ‘Bigg Boss 5’ and was later cast in Pooja`s directorial project ‘Jism 2’.

The 41-year-old is upset with yet another rape case of five-year-old girl in Delhi and tweeted: "This is not a world to bring more children into. This is certainly not a nation to bring more daughters into. Violence is their destiny."

She also pointed out many feel that she has no right to talk about the issue.

"Each time I speak up about rape or sexual abuse, some `saint` tells me that I have no right to since I introduced a `porn star` to Bollywood," Bhatt posted on Twitter.

"I humanized a `porn star` and got her accepted into the mainstream. The rest of Bollywood is now free to objectify her like they do most women," she added.