Poonam Pandey faking her Bollywood debut?

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Poonam Pandey’s dream Bollywood debut may just all be a new way to garner attention. The starlet who catapulted to nationwide fame last year during cricket World Cup for claiming to strip for Team India, had recently announced that she would be making her grand Bollywood debut soon.

The model stated that Amit Saxena(director of ‘Jism) would be directing the film. But news has it that Poonam’s debut film is no where in the offing.

According to a daily, the film that Poonam has claimed to sign, hasn’t been offered to her yet. In fact only preliminary talks have taken place about the project so far.

Speaking to the daily, Amit cleared the air stated that Poonam was spreading false stories. "This is appalling. Somebody has jumped the gun on me. I had a couple of informal meetings with the team. I`ve not confirmed anything, so I didn`t want to comment," he said.

Interestingly, Poonam had also claimed that Amit was miffed with the Bhatts for not including him in the making of ‘Jism 2’. Denying the news, Amit said, "This is rubbish and in very poor taste. The Bhatts are like my family. In fact, Mahesh is my mentor and Pooja (Bhatt) was and will always remain a dear friend.”

Now, the big question is, if Amit Saxena has denied his involvement in any project, is Poonam faking her Bollywood debut?