Poonam Pandey takes a U-turn on Ramdev

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Given the inadvertent free publicity endowed upon sensational elements of the society, we knew it coming even before Poonam Pandey gave her piece of mind about the recent attack on Baba Ramdev.

Apparently, Poonam Pandey has clarified her stand over the malicious comment she made on Baba Ramdev. Poonam said that she has complete respect for Baba.

The sultry siren after poking fun at Yoga guru Baba Ramdev via her favourite mouth piece Twitter, has backtracked from what she said earlier.

The wannabe celeb had earlier ridiculed the defect in Baba Ramdev’s eye and called him ‘buri nazar wala’ after a youth threw black ink on Baba’s face on Saturday morning. The yoga guru had just finished addressing a press conference on a campaign against black money in the coming assembly elections when the incident took place.

Poonam reportedly tweeted a joke on Baba Ramdev. The joke went like this: “Someone must have miss understood the defect in Ramdev Baba`s left eye.. and must have Blackened his face ‘Boori Nazar wale tera Moo Kala’ (sic)” .

However, later she removed the joke from her page and clarified that she has nothing but respect for Baba Ramdev.

She wrote, “TweeetHearts!! I just retweeted the Joke about Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev... i don`t have ne thing against him.. infact i respect his efforts as what he is doing its for my country (sic).”