Pop star Lady Gaga sets off airport security alarm!

London: Singer Lady Gaga, known for her peculiar sartorial choices, gave officials at Vancouver airport a hard time as her metal-studded leather dress set off the security alarm.

The eccentric singer opted for a skin tight heavily studded black leather dress, which sent the security detectors into overdrive, forcing her to submit to manual exam, a news daily reported.

The `Paparazzi` singer willingly obliged, holding her arms out as an airport security woman waved a detector wand over her.

Gaga, however, had to follow one rule. She had to remove her shoes, which were also heavily studded, before passing through the security gate.

With her huge bleach blonde beehive hairdo and dark shades firmly in place, Gaga was a dead ringer for Joanna Lumley`s Patsy from `Absolutely Fabulous`.

The singer is famous for her crazy, outrageous collection of outfits, which she uses to create the maximum amounts of shock.

Last year, she made headlines when she dressed herself in a floor length, red latex dress with huge puff shoulders to meet the Queen of England during the Royal Variety Performance.

She matched her look with outlandish bright red sparkle eye-make-up and lipstick.



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