Portman put social life on hold for `Black Swan`

Updated: Jan 12, 2011, 09:49 AM IST

London: Natalie Portman has revealed she had to keep her social life on hold while shooting for her new movie "Black Swan" as she was on a strict diet.

The star plays a ballet dancer in the film directed by Darren Aronofsky, and she embarked on a punishing exercise routine and cut out on all treats in a bid to slim down. Portman shed almost 10 kilos for the role.

"Darren said to me before the film, `How much weight do you think you can lose without getting sick?`" express.co.uk quoted Portman as saying.

"I was on a very strict diet. I wasn`t unhealthy. I was still eating but very little. I had my little meals that were prepared and that was all I could eat during the day. So I didn`t go out with my friends. I couldn`t have meals. I wasn`t drinking alcohol at all," she said.

However, once the shoot was over, Portman wasted no time to indulge in her favourite dishes.

"For my first meal after the film, I just started carb loading. I had pasta, bread and ice cream. I like my food," she said.