Posh`s flight to US hits technical snag at 40,000ft

London: Former Spice Girls member Victoria Beckham``s flight to the US had to make an emergency landing after a technical problem came up at 40,000ft.

Posh, 36, was on her way home to Los Angeles to join husband David, 35, and their three sons, when the alarms in the cockpit went off an hour into the journey, forcing the pilots to make an SOS call.

The crew were ordered back to Heathrow, and emergency services were immediately scrambled at the airport where it was discovered the hitch centred around the airplane``s fuel system.

Posh was among the hundreds of shaken passengers who were led from the aircraft, but despite the mid-air drama she was said to be calm.

"She`s fine and there`s nothing to worry about," the Daily Star quoted a spokesman as saying.

The passengers were taken to nearby hotels for the night, and Posh finally made it back to Los Angeles after she boarded a second plane.

"She didn`t miss any meetings or anything like that because she was just going home. It meant an extra night in London but she`s back in America now," her spokesman added.