Preity finds Salman’s support in fighting drug abuse allegations

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Salman Khan has extended his support to dimpled lass Preity Zinta, who is now challenging the authenticity of the news of her being involved in drug abuse case. The generous Khan is all praise for the actress and has told her that he will be right there with her through thick and thin.

"Hope all gets sorted. Standing right besides you and hope so does the rest of the industry, fans, press and the law,” a daily quoted Salman as saying.

Salman has been in awe of Preity’s fighting and her “never say die” spirit and he feels that she is truly a woman of substance.

The actress lodged a complaint with the Cyber Crime Cell in Mumbai to challenge the false allegations. Reportedly, Preity claims that the fake news was nothing but a result of a bitterness a journalist had for her.

Praising the lady who played his love interest in many films, Salman wrote on his blog, "She has to get her team back. I have never met anyone so straight, clear, positive, clean, hard working and some one who fights her own battle single-handedly."

And the bubbly actress in response said, "Salman can I please borrow your muscles? Only for a day I promise. Need to Dishum Dishum!"