Preity to write about journalist’s hall of shame!

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Preity Zinta, as we all know, doesn’t mince her words when it comes to clearing her stand on any controversy. Not that PZ is grappling with one at the moment, but the fiery actress looked particularly peeved with media during an IPL match about the pressure it creates on people unnecessarily.

When a media person met up with the lady, and asked about her revulsion for the press, PZ said, “I have reasons for that. Each time they come up with a different story. But it’s fine – I don’t nurse grudges against anyone.”

Preity, however added that she is looking to devote some time to writing a book on the growing pressures in journalism.

She said, “I have a collection of completely false articles over the years from so-called respectable publications that I will put together in a book with a complete profile of the journalist with photos! This will be poetic justice and a journalist’s hall of shame!”

Asked what she thought about her detractors, she said, “Nothing. I really don’t pay heed to what ‘they’ say. Life has been amazing and there are so many wonderful things happening. I don’t intend to waste my energy listening to false things.”