Prisoners `simply obsessed with` Charlie Sheen

New York: American actor Charlie Sheen has become a hit among the male inmates in the Pitkin County jail in Aspen, Colorado.

The popularity of the 44-year-old actor in the US prison system is noticeable.

"Guys in prison are simply obsessed with Charlie Sheen. They think he is the coolest, funniest man alive. More importantly, they consider him the greatest ladies man who ever lived," Dan Berry, former prisoner in the Philadelphia prison system said.

Berry noted Sheen`s time in jail on the blog Prison Kites.

His CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men is a hit among the men behind bars.

"The prisoners typically like to watch sports and anything that shows half-naked women. `Two and a Half Men` delivers the half-naked women," the New York Post quoted a corrections officer as telling a news channel.

"God help you if you change the channel during Two and a Half Men. Of all the actors out there, Charlie Sheen himself is the epitome of one of us," Sheen former inmate and convicted bank robber John RE Nelson said.



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