Priyanka Chopra roots for girl education in India

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Priyanka Chopra has taken the role of a humanitarian quite seriously. The actress has turned an avid supporter of girl education in India.

Piggy Chops recently joined hands with WAVE, an organisation that works for the upliftment of women. Priyanka got together with entrepreneurs Aliya Rashid and Ashi Dua to help raise funds for girl education.

Talking to a daily, Priyanka said, “Education is the most important thing for an individual — not just formal education acquired at schools and colleges. Even if you teach someone to be self-reliant by teaching them a skill — like sewing or crafting, it is enough. But yes, sending a girl to school is the best possible thing to do. And if you can’t, then at least teach her a way to fend for herself.”

Being a celebrity, Priyanka feels that it is necessary to address this issue as she stated, “Being a known face is, definitely, a plus point. As actors, we have a fan following and if you can put that to good use to garner support for a cause, then why not? In fact, I think more public figures should be out there, standing up for causes they believe in.”

Explaining about her role with the organisation, Priyanka added, “I shall be performing at the concert that is being organised in the near future. I am an actor and a performer, and I know how to do just that. As an entertainer, I will do what I can in my capacity, and that is to entertain all of you!”

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