Producer slams legal lawsuit on Shahid Kapoor’s mom

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Shahid Kapoor’s mother Neelima Azim is in a legal mess. She has been sent a lawyer’s notice by the producer of her directorial debut ‘Nawab Nautanki’ over allegations that she promised son Shahid will be a part of the project, and now she is unable to put the film together.

According to sources, Neelima Azim and the producer of the film, Lord Mukul Paul Taneja (yes, he calls himself Lord!) reportedly had a tiff over issues with the production of the film which consequently resulted in the film going into rough waters.

Azim on the contrary said that Taneja is an imposter and after admitting to a news daily that she did receive a notice from Lord, exclaimed, "I met the wrong person in Taneja. And kaunsa Lord? Kahan ka Lord? He is a complete fraud. He is simply maligning me."

Some important points raised by Taneja in the legal notice specify that at the time of signing the MOU of Rs 1 lakh, Azim assured Taneja that her son Shahid would be acting in the film. Taneja has so far spent Rs 20 lakh on promoting the film. It even mentioned that Azim was very aggressive with Taneja`s wife for which he seeks a compensation of Rs 9 crore for the consequent damage to his personal and professional life.

To which Azim retorted that there were many top stars willing to work with her on ‘Nawab Nautanki’, but they didn`t approve of the producer. "Those stars were convinced about my directorial abilities and they believed in my vision, but neither of them wanted Taneja as the producer," she said.

As for getting aggressive with Taneja`s wife, Azim rubbishes that claim as well and says, "I was never aggressive with his wife. I haven`t even met her."