Prohibit Olivier Martinez from having contact with Nahla, says Halle Berry’s ex

Washington: Halle Berry’s former boyfriend Gabriel Aubry is applying for prohibition of Olivier Martinez from having any contact with his 4-year-old daughter, Nahla.

Aubry will also be asking the Los Angeles judge for re-instatement of his visitation rights with his daughter.

“Gabe has had enough, he has now twice been accused of criminal behavior resulting in his recent arrest after a fight with Olivier Martinez on Thanksgiving,” Radar Online quoted a source close to the situation as saying.

“Gabe will ask the judge to prohibit Martinez from having any contact with Nahla.

“Gabe will also ask the judge to re-instate his visitation with Nahla after Halle obtained a protective order after Gabe’s arrest which doesn’t allow him to have any contact with his little girl,” the source said.

The source also said that Gabe believes the judge will be disturbed by the fact that Martinez suddenly inserted himself into the custody hand off on Thursday.

“Halle’s nanny/housekeeper is supposed to be the go-between for the parents when Gabe picks up and drops off Nahla,” the source said.