Promoting TMK Akshay rescues an eight year old missing girl

Spicezee Bureau

New Delhi: How much of a chance does a lost eight year old child has amidst a strong 3000 crowd? Well, some might say none, but not until Akshay Kumar’s around! Bollywood’s khiladi was hailed a real hero when he rescued a little girl by reuniting her with her parents at the Feltham Cineworld in London.

Akshay, accompanied by Katrina and director Farah Khan was lined up for the promotional of his flick ‘Tees Maar Khan’ when this lost and found drama unfolded.

A source speaking to a daily said, “A big crowd had collected to see the actors. Kumar put up quite a performance by swinging up and down the wooden beams in the theatre. During the performance, a little eight-year old girl got separated from her parents. She started crying for her parents but the crowd was too busy cheering the actors to take notice."

But, the Khiladi spotted the girl.

A father to an eight-year old himself, Akki sensed the child`s fear and desperation. He picked her up and began talking to her gently and soothingly.

An eyewitness further revealed, “When she calmed down he asked her father`s name and announced it on the mic. It reached a point when he thought he would miss the evening flight back home but AK refused to budge till he found the girl`s parents.”

After some time passed, the girl`s father Charanjit Ghotra stepped up and claimed his little girl.

Relieved Ghotra thanked Akki on Twitter. He wrote:

“Dear Akshay, I just wanted to say thanku very much for saving my daughter Amrit at cineworld feltham yesterday. I am so greatful my words cannot express enough. Amrit and i wanted to thanku with a personal letter but i think this is the closest we will get. U are officially my daughters hero now! thanku once again. Sincere regards - Chaz Ghotra (Charanjit Ghotra).”

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