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London: It seems Courteney Cox is struggling to come to terms with her split from husband David Arquette – she admitted that she`s been ‘in a whirlwind’ since their marriage fell-apart.

The actors announced last month they are taking a break from their 11-year marriage.

However, the former ‘Friends’ star admitted the trial separation is taking its toll on her and she sometimes struggles to believe she and Arquette have parted ways.

"I`ve been lying really low since David and I got separated,” the Daily Express quoted her as telling Hello! magazine.

“To tell you the truth, it`s only just starting to sink in. I`ve been working so hard that I feel like I`ve been in a whirlwind.

"I did wake up the other day when I had a quiet morning and think, ``Wow, this is... interesting. I`m separated - now what do I do?" she said.

But Cox, who has vowed to save her marriage, insisted she wouldn’t be dating other men during the separation period.

"Right now, I`m not ready for anything. I do`t know if I`d want to go back to dating - I might be too shy," she added.