Public feud is damaging family name, says MJ’s sister La Toya

Updated: Jul 28, 2012, 17:18 PM IST

New York: Michael Jackson’s sister La Toya is refusing to take part in the family’s latest, very public feud, as she thinks that all the fighting is “damaging the family name.”

According to, the pop legends sibling thinks that the best way to solve family problems is quietly, and respectfully, in private, as opposed to through public attacks, the New York Post reported.

Sources said that La Toya wants what’s best for Michael’s kids, and thinks they’ll be better off, the faster the family’s publicized disputes come to an end.

She has so far stayed clear of the new controversy surrounding the Jacksons, whose squabbling texts and tweets have been painting a picture of dysfunctional strife in recent days.