Raj Kundra and Ameesha Patel entertain Twitterati with their Twitter war!

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: B-Town actress Ameesha Patel, whose sexy hoardings that have her sporting itsy-bitsy swimwear and a pair of sunglasses have been raising eyebrows in the industry circuit, has been attacked by Shilpa Shetty’s hubby, Raj Kundra, this time around.

Raj Kundra took to Twitter to take a dig at the actress-turned-producer by writing, “I am confused with the #ameeshapatel hoarding and ad`s. What is she exactly selling in a swimsuit? #justasking.” Then after, a miffed Ameesha responded to Kundra’s tweet with a subdued retort which read like thus: “@The RajKundra heard u r a bit confused about my glamstar adds…sum1 as smart as u shuldnt be darling…”

After reading Ameesha’s tweet, Kundra suddenly changed his tone from sarcastic to a sweet one and answered Ameesha by writing, “@ameesha_patel it was a compliment my dear!

The Twitter ‘fight’ was ended with Raj Kundra further praising Ameesha for her hot look in her sunglasses advertisement and requesting her to gift him a couple of glares of the brand that she has endorsed! Ahem. Okay…!