Raj Kundra’s newest gift to Shilpa Shetty: A flat in Noida!

Zeenews Bureau

Delhi: Raj Kundra, who is known for his immense fondness for purchasing penthouses and properties, has taken that a bit further. Reportedly, Kundra has bought a brand new flat as a gift for his wife, Shilpa Shetty.

The man, who had earlier gifted his wife a 7 crore flat in London, has now gone ahead and invested in 3000 square feet apartment in Supernova, Noida. The building, at 80 storeys, is the tallest in the country. According to a friend of Kundra, who spoke to a leading daily, “He had been visiting Noida frequently. Obviously he had been checking out properties there.”

Though Raj Kundra remained unavailable for comment, a source informed the daily, “This is his gift to Shilpa. He owns a property in the tallest building in Dubai. And now, he has one in the tallest building in India.”

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