Rajesh Khanna in a relationship with childhood friend!

Updated: May 17, 2011, 14:23 PM IST

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: He was the ultimate king of romance in the 1970s. And it was he who had started the trend of being addressed as a superstar. He might be in his late sixties but who can stop a diehard romantic from falling in love even at a ripe age. Yes, Rajesh Khanna is in a relationship of sorts with his childhood friend Anita Advani.

The 68 year old superstar, who separated from wife Dimple Kapadia, almost a little less than three decades back, shares a great relationship with Anita. She happens to be the niece of the former president of Philippines, Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos.

Anita seems to be in awe of Kaka and is very much in love with him. Talking to a tabloid she said, "I love him... who doesn`t? I think I am very happy in my relationship," she states, adding, "I feel very privileged to be very-very close to him. He is a very intelligent and romantic person."

The lady is so happy with her relationship with the veteran actor that she would love to enter matrimony with him. At the same time she feels her equation with Kaka is so very special that she would like to be bound by any string.

Expressing her take on marriage, Anita said, "Any person in my place would want that. Who wouldn`t?”. So, she is waiting for him to pop up the question, then. She avers, “We are so close. We don`t want any strings attached. I think we are very happy as we are. It`s a very special, sacred relationship and I truly cherish it. Unlike a normal relationship, there are no demands and expectations. This is much deeper.”

Moreover, Anita has no issues with Dimple.

"I have met her several times. She is a wonderful woman," Anita said.

However, Rajesh Khanna preferred to keep it simple and straight when quizzed about his fondness for Anita. He said , “Anita and I have been known to each other for 32 years. She was in school then. We are just friends. She is a lovely person. I am very fond of her. But we haven`t reached the stage of love.”