Rakhi prayed to Jesus for Aishwarya’s pregnancy!

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Mumbai: Controversy queen Rakhi Sawant has come up with a brilliant idea to make headlines this time around. No she has not kissed Mika to avenge her much published “lip-lock”, nor has she decided to do another `Swayamvar` season, the raunchy item babe of Bollywood has said that she prayed to Jesus for over eight months to make Aishwarya preggers!

Talking to a daily, the sex-bomb said, "Aishwarya has everything in life - success, fame and money. I`m sure she wanted to experience motherhood. I love the Bachchan family and my best wishes are with them."

Motor-mouth Rakhi talks about the right age to enter matrimony for girls in Bollywood.

“I still have a few more years left to work before I settle down in life and take a sabbatical. Mujhe pata hai heroines ki kya right age hai shaadi karne ke liye (I know what is the right age for Bollywood women to get married). Of what we have seen so far, 34-35 is perfect for anyone to get married. Fortunately, I still have about five more years to invest in the industry,” she said.

Incidentally, the drama queen has lost faith in the institution of marriage post her much talked about `Swayamwar`.

Swayamvar ke baad se toh vishwas shaadi se uth gaya. Har kisi ki kismat Aishwarya Rai, Shilpa Shetty jaisi nahin hoti. (I have lost faith in marriage post `Swayamvar`. Everyone isn’t as lucky as Aishwarya Rai and Shilpa Shetty to find perfect partners.)They are lucky to have found the right life partner. It is scary to get married to a person who wants to use you for personal gains,” she said.

Well Rakhi...here’s a piece of advice for you…if you could pray for Aishawrya’s pregnancy, then you might as well pray for a life partner for yourself.

What say?

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