Rakhi Sawant lambasts Arvind Kejriwal, calls him a `bhagoda`

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: The item girl, who was starving for limelight for the past few months, was really quick in grabbing the mike and term social activist Arvind Kejriwal - a ‘bhagoda’ (renegade).

Giving her piece of mind about Arvind Kejriwal’s way of causing widespread unrest in the name of fighting against corruption, Rakhi Sawant said, “I don’t know about politics. I am an actor but before that I am an Indian citizen and I have come in front of the nation to say that Kejriwal is a ‘bhagoda’ (renegade), and he is only troubling people. I have been saying this from the very first day. When he was sitting with Anna ji on hunger strike at Ramlila Maidan, I respected Anna ji and Kiran Bedi, but I never trusted Kejriwal as now we can all see that he has completely diverted from the Lokpal Bill issue which he decided to fight for at the start of the revolution.”

She said, “I completely disagree that he is fighting against corruption as he is only there for his own interest and launch his own political party.”

Rakhi didn’t stop there. She went on, “I want to say that we have already burnt Raavan a day before yesterday and now no more Raavan should be born. Brother Kejriwal, the path you are walking on leads to the formation of another Raavan. You are provoking the nation and you are doing a completely wrong thing as you have completely forgotten the aim of protest as you are only interested to form your own party.”

Lashing out at Kejriwal, Rakhi said, “Has Kejriwal ever visited any village? Has he seen the condition of the people out there? He has only this strategy to gather media and expose politicians, but who will expose you? I am sitting here to expose you, Rakhi Sawant – daughter of the nation, Kejriwal. What do you think of yourself? I feel very sad that you are provoking the children of the nation, and girls are being dragged so badly by the police. Whenever I see all this I feel very bad.”

“Get Kejriwal’s brain treated. He is mentally retarted and he himself doesn’t know what he actually is. Sometimes, he says he is Anna, sometimes he says he is Kejriwasl and sometimes he is a common man. Brother Kejriwal, first decide who you are before people of this nation call you a traitor and make you leave this country. So, please improve yourself as you are ruining the future of the nation”, she ended.

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