Ramdev’s fast is unnecessary, feels Salman

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Close on the heels of Shah Rukh Khan’s remark on Baba Ramdev’s hunger strike in Delhi, actor Salman Khan also questioned the yoga guru’s action. When asked by a media person about his opinion on Baba’s fast to fight corruption, the actor appeared baffled.

The actor questioned “Why is he going on a hunger strike? Isn`t he a yogi teaching yoga?”

“I know his intention is good, but I think there are better ways for him to stop corruption,” the actor added. “The yogi has numerous followers across the nation. If he wants to put an end to corrupt practises, he should spread the message through them and motivate people to stop giving bribes.”

Although Salman felt there was no need to fast, he hoped that Ramdev would accomplish his mission.

Few days back actor Shah Rukh Khan had stated that Baba Ramdev’s hunger strike was politically motivated and he would not support the agitation.

However celebrities like Shekhar Kapoor, Shabana Azmi welcomed Baba’s fast. Filmmaker Shekhar Kapoor tweeted on micro blogging site ‘Twitter’, “Thank Baba Ramdev n Anna Hazare fr peaceful means of protests, or d surge of anger will lead to violence.”

Actress and activist Shabana Azmi said, “People are frustrated with corruption. And what Baba Ramdev has done by raising the issue again is a very good thing.”

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