Ranbir brought about the break-up between Shahid and Priyanka

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Shahid and Priyanka might have parted ways but the reason that made them go separate ways has now come to fore. And believe it or not, but it’s none other than playboy Ranbir Kapoor who triggered the end to the short lived romance of Sasha and Piggy chops. Rumours are abuzz that it was a very ugly showdown about Ranbir that finally made Shahid and Priyanka call off their affair.

As per reports, the tiff happened as Priyanka had gotten quite comfortable with Ranbir during the shoot of their film ‘Anjaana Anjaani’. And if this proximity wasn’t enough, Priyanka went ahead and signed another film with Ranbir during this time, Anurag Basu’s ‘Silence’.

Confirming the news a source said, “Shahid was getting jealous and increasingly uncomfortable about Priyanka’s growing proximity to Ranbir. He then confronted Priyanka about Ranbir.”

However when Shahid confronted Priyanka she strongly retorted and said, ‘You have many friends who are girls. Do I mind that? And more importantly, you haven’t committed to me yet. Then why are you objecting to my friendship with Ranbir?’

And it was after this fight that the two decided to go their separate ways for good.