Ranbir is a true actor: Imtiaz Ali

"Tamasha" will hit the theatres on November 27.

Ranbir is a true actor: Imtiaz Ali

Mumbai: Filmmaker Imtiaz Ali has hailed his "Tamasha" actor Ranbir Kapoor's acting skills.

"He (Ranbir) is usually not in the race where people try to watch him. His highs and lows are different. His rhythm is different. He is a true actor," Ali said.

Ranbir and Ali had previously worked together in the 2011 award-winning film "Rockstar". Comparing the two films, Ali said: "I feel that in this film ('Tamasha'), Ranbir has done a lot more difficult role and a more multi-layered role than 'Rockstar'. 

"You can definitely relate to it and you'll feel that this is happening with me. I'm excited for Ranbir's role in the film. And there is a significant anticipation to know what the audience is going to say," he added.

Ranbir will be seen in the film with Deepika Padukone -- with whom he shared a relationship earlier. Talking about casting them, he said: "Whenever you cast for a film, you don't cast two characters simultaneously, but one by one. I never think of pairs. I saw that Ranbir fit the bill for Ved's character and Deepika was suitable for Tara and that's why I cast them separately."

"Tamasha" will hit the theatres on November 27.

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