Ranbir Kapoor to move out of his family home?

Zee Media Bureau/Anindita Dev

New Delhi: In what might come as a rude shock to many, the buzz is that mamma`s boy Ranbir Kapoor is all set to move out of his home.

It is rumoured that this thought was initiated after Rishi Kapoor showed his objections of the frequent visits that his son`s alleged girlfriend Katrina Kaif made to their home. While one cannot confirm what initiated the rift, rumour mills suggest that this could be one of those reasons. Maybe, too much of interference in his love life, was not what Ranbir had in mind.

The 31 year-old heart-throb had always come across as a very homely and an apple of his mother`s eye. And the news of him leaving his parents behind to seek a new place of his own has rigged lot of controversies around.

The Tinsel town is painted with the colourful grandeur of the alleged couple, and their `secret` holiday trips that they make is not a mystery anymore. Now would `Katrina` be the ideal bahu for the Kapoor khandan? We don`t know about Ranbir`s parents, but his cousin Kareena Kapoor Khan has already accepted her as her would be sister-in-law on the sets of `Koffee with Karan`.

If the 31 year-old actor were to move out separating from his family, would Ran-Kat move in together? And would things turn sour between his alleged beau and his parents? Well, only time will tell!