Ranveer Singh on how he celebrates Rakhi with his sister!

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Mumbai: The chirpy, talkative actor Ranveer Singh is excited about celebrating Raksha Bandhan with his sister Ritika as he has brought her a present for the first time.

Ranveer shared with a daily how he celebrates Rakhi at home, “My mother has made a small prayer area in our home, and my older sister Ritika ties me a rakhi in that part of the home every year. She`s always particular about tying a rakhi that doesn`t bleed colour and looks good on my wrist, as I wear it till it comes off on its own.

Ritika personally selects the rakhi, and we invariably debate over the knot. We argue over what is the optimum way of knotting a rakhi. She feels very awkward when I bend down to touch her feet... but I do it anyway!”

The actor also confessed what he has a sweet tooth and how his sister takes care to bring him the best chocolates and his sister gives personal touch to the day. He said, “One of her personal touches that I appreciate is the selection of chocolates on the thali. She`s solely responsible for my major sweet tooth.

As a child, she`d buy me chocolates almost every day. On Raksha Bandhan, she always includes my favourite chocolates in the thali. Both of us gorge on them greedily once the ritual is done with.

The actor studied abroad and stayed away from home, so he shared how he and his sister celebrated Rakhi over the distance.

“When I was away from home studying in the US, Ritika would send me a rakhi via post. She`d also include small ziplock bags with rice and the tikka. She would even send me kharchi - in dollars, no less! I missed her the most during that time and especially on those days.”

Ranveer revealed, “Since I`m her baby brother, she always spoils me to bits. Instead of me buying her a gift, she buys me a whole bunch of gifts on Raksha Bandhan like watches, laptops, mobile phones or perfumes.

This year, for the first time ever, I`ve been able to afford buying her a present in return with my own money. I would like to get her some luxury accessories, but she is very particular so I`ll let her select whatever she likes.”

We wish Ranveer, his sister and all of you a happy Rakhi!

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