Rape accused Shiney Ahuja’s maid and family untraceable

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: In a dramatic turn of events, it has been revealed that Shiney Ahuja’s domestic help, who accused the actor of raping her in June 2009 has suddenly gone missing along with her family from the village at Roha in Raigad district.

As efforts were being made to contact the maid’s family, it was known that the entire family has gone untraceable from the past fortnight and no one knows about their whereabouts.

A neighbour told a news daily that the rape victim and her family members have vanished from the village without a trace.

"They did not inform anyone they were leaving," he said.

Another next-door neighbour, who did not want to be named, said, "Earlier, the family used to hand over the house keys if they were going out of the village for a few days. They used to keep us posted about where they were going. It is a mystery why they have left like that."

Earlier, interestingly the rape victim had enjoyed the full support of the villagers; with almost all the villagers coming up in arms against Shiney Ahuja for the misdeed he did.

Now, however, the sympathies for the family are whittling away after the maid`s about-turn and the disappearance.

Almost everyone in the sleepy village, about 180 km from Mumbai, is talking about why the girl retracted her statement.

"It beats me. I still don`t understand why she retracted her statement," said Sunil Mhatre, a villager, adding, "The family was poor and they were looking for employment."

There has been no inkling of maid`s 60-year-old father, who had been working for a local politician to support his four daughters and a son after his daughter`s accusation last year.

Even the politician is at a loss of words over the mysterious disappearance of the victim, and her recent backtracking in the court.