Raquel Welch sympathises with Lindsay Lohan

London: American actress Raquel Welch sympathies with troubled actress Lindsay Lohan even though she "misbehaves".

"I`m the antidote to Lindsay Lohan. I know she misbehaves terribly, but sometimes it just seems like it`s open season on her," femalefirst.co.uk quoted Welch as saying.

The 70-year-old, best known for her role in 1966 film "One Million Years B.C.", also claims that the pressure of making it big in Hollywood can have a negative effect on ambitious young actresses.

"(In Hollywood) it`s `My self-esteem`, `my self-this`, `my self-that`. Believe me, I`ve been there - I`m an actress. At one point you just get nauseous with it and think, `I have to take my mind off myself`," she said.