Raveena's ill father in-law saved by 'brave soul'

Raveena Tandon's father-in-law was saved by an unknown girl.

Raveena's ill father in-law saved by 'brave soul'

Mumbai: Actress Raveena Tandon says her father-in-law was saved by an unknown girl while he was travelling with his wife to watch a film and suddenly felt “restless and couldn't breathe” halfway.

Raveena said the incident took place here on Friday, when her in-laws got stuck in a traffic jam and suddenly her father-in-law started feeling unwell.

In a series of posts on Twitter on Sunday, Raveena shared: “My faith in humanity gets restored every time I feel it has dipped beyond repair. My in-laws were on their way to see a movie. When my father-in-law felt restless and couldn't breathe, the driver raced towards Lilavati hospital.

“But they got stuck in a jam at the junction near Cheap Jack, until a brave soul, a girl driving next lane saw my mother-in-law trying to massage dad's heart. She jumped out of her car realising emergency, cleared the traffic single-handed allowing them to rush to the hospital.

“My father-in-law was in full praise of her last night (Saturday) and says that if not for her, things would have been fatal. This happened on December 18.”

The 'Dulhe Raja' actress said her father-in-law was now fine and recovering well.

“Thank you all for your wishes. Yes he's fine and bounced back strong,” she added.


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