Religion fascinates Lucy Liu

London: ‘Charlie’s Angels’ star Lucy Liu is open to studying different religions because she feels people`s beliefs and faith can help them overcome various difficulties in their lives.

The actress is open to all faiths, including controversial ones like Scientology and Kabbalah, reports

"I think it`s unfortunate when people are against something that can bring so much guidance for people. I don`t know much about Scientology - I know a little bit about it - but if it helps someone become less addicted to something, or not addicted, or if it helps someone recover from abuse, you can never say it`s bad," she said.

"I had friends that were studying it (Kabbalah). It reminds me of Taoism. It`s mind over matter, essentially, and I`m fascinated by that. But I`m also fascinated by Buddhism - my mother`s a Buddhist. There are so many different things to study, so many different fragments that come together," she added.