Richards` seductress girlfriend almost broke up the Rolling Stones

London: Keith Richards` gofer has revealed that his girlfriend Anita Pallenberg nearly broke up the Rolling Stones in 1968.

Stone’s personal assistant, Tony Sanchez also said that after spending a two-year relationship with Brian Jones and a year with Keith, Pallenberg wanted Richards’ friend and fellow Rolling Stone Mick Jagger, reports The Daily Mail.

At the time, Jagger’s girlfriend Marianne Faithfull was pregnant and had been dispatched to Ireland to stop her taking the cocaine and barbiturates, which threatened the health of their unborn child.

Three days after shooting of Donald Cammell`s ‘Performance’ began Pallenberg seduced Jagger in his dressing room.

The gofer revealed that Richards heard about the affair and it was threatening a rift between him and Jagger, which could have broken up the Stones.