Rihanna and pals entertain Magic Johnson on board her luxury yacht

London: Rihanna, who has been touring Italy with her female friends and is having a great time partying on a rented luxury yacht, invited former basketball star Magic Johnson to join in the festivities.

The 52-year-old former Laker was spotted climbing aboard the huge vessel as it was moored off the coast of St Tropez in the south of France.

Rihanna greeted the NBA star warmly with a handshake and a hug before showing off her holiday pad, the Daily Mail reported.

The 24-year-old flaunted her perfect shape in a black and white striped bikini top and a pair of bright pink bottoms.

Magic, whose real name is Earvin Johnson, also seemed to have enjoyed the day as he tweeted about his great experience on the yacht.

“We had a great time hanging with @Rihanna & her friends on her yacht.” he tweeted.