Rihanna ignores naysayers, lives life on her own terms

Updated: Jun 01, 2012, 14:08 PM IST

London: Pop star Rihanna seems to have adopted a "who cares" attitude because she has realised she can`t please everyone all the time.

The 24-year-old recently created controversy by recording with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown and reportedly smoking marijuana.

"Who wants to be bashed every day of their f**king lives? That`s not fun. Today, I could eat an apple, and 10 people like it and one will not. The next day I could do shots and five people will like it and five won`t," a website has quoted Rihanna as saying.

"What`s important is, you never know. You can`t do it for the reaction because it`s never going to be the same. I learned to live my life with the blinders on. At one point it was so bad, it became numb for me. It was a scary place to be," she added.