Rihanna turns workaholic, says can`t sleep at night

London: R&B star Rihanna has turned into a workaholic and says that she can`t sleep at night as she keeps thinking about her new album.

The 22-year-old singer, who is coming up with a new album `Loud`, said that she lays awake at night visualising her songs and planning every aspect of the upcoming project, reported Contactmusic.

"Whenever I write or listen to any new track, I can`t help but start making up the video in my head. And start planning every aspect of the track including promotion, live performance, that`s why I don`t sleep," said Rihanna.

The `Rude Boy` hitmaker is pretty confident about her new track `S&M` from `Loud`.

"It`s the loudest track on the album and will be a surprise for people," said Rihanna.

The singer also added that `Loud` was inspired out of her frustration that most records have at least one or two tracks no one wants to listen to.

"When you go to a club and have to listen to bad music you revert to the liquor because you want to have a good time," said Rihanna.

"I hate having to skip a track, especially if I am in the shower. I wanted to make an album you just play," she added.