Rishi comes to Ranbir’s rescue, lashes out at Deepika-Sonam

Spiceze Bureau

Mumbai: Stunned by Ranbir’s humiliation at the hands of Deepika and Sonam on ‘Koffee With Karan’, dad Rishi is literally spewing venom.

Recently, ‘Koffee With Karan’ featured Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor, who were once romantically linked to Ranbir, scoffing at his Casanova image and terrible dressing style.

Apparently, Rishi Kapoor is deeply disturbed with Deepika and Sonam for belittling Ranbir on national television. Talking to a daily, an industry source said, “Neetu was so mad when she heard what the two actresses had said she called up Karan and fired him for allowing that kind of talk on the show.”

Interestingly, Rishi Kapoor is too quick to show his displeasure as he said, “We definitely feel cheated and hurt. My wife and sister are in New York and they were very upset when they heard about the show. Neetu was very hurt and upset and she spoke to Karan about it. We didn`t expect this from him because Karan happens to be a close friend but he instigated both the girls to say all those things!”

“We have done so much for Karan. In return, what does he do? Provoke guests on his show to get better TRPs? There`s no respect for relationships. He gets paid for the show while we do it for love and affection. Karan shouldn`t do this to us or all the Kapoors will severe ties with him and not work with him,” Rishi said.

When asked about his views on Deepika and Sonam, Rishi snubbed the duo as, “Well to put things in the right perspective, all I can say is that with both the girls it is a case of sour grapes. I have known Sonam`s father Anil for years. All I will say to the girls is: in stead of doing all this concentrate on your careers. Why do you run shows that have so much gossip? I have done ‘Koffee With Karan’ earlier with Neetu, my brothers and sister; there was great camaraderie and laughter on our show. We didn`t run anyone down. I don`t think you should encourage people to wash dirty linen in public. You will never see Ranbir running anyone down.”

When asked whether he would like to talk to Anil about Sonam’s outrageous behaviour,
Rishi said, “What can I say to Anil? Everyone is family here and these girls are like my children. I don`t want to get into fights involving my son`s friends. It just shows their (Deepika and Sonam) class. I would like to tell them to stop giggling all the time and instead grow up and behave maturely. They are there on the show because they are their father`s daughters and not because of their work! I would advise them to stop talking about their colleagues and running them down.”