‘RK’ no more on Deepika!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Here’s spilling the latest grapevine from the tinsel villa. Leggy beauty Deepika Padukone has decided to finally erase her symbol of love; the much contentious ‘RK tattoo’ inked on her nape, confirmed Bollywood sources.

The actress has earlier stated that she would never remove the ‘RK’ tattoo, but guess she has had a change of heart.

Till now, all questions about the tell-tale tattoo have been politely but firmly tackled by Deepika.

In a recent chat show, Dips even claimed that she was happy with the tattoo and it did not bother her or her present beau Siddhartha Mallya. But now we hear that the tattoo has begun to irk the diva.

“Not because she’s ashamed of it or embarrassed by it, as Deepika is not apologetic about anything that she has done in her life, including the tattoo. It’s just that people around her are constantly bothered about it, which in turn is troubling her. So she has decided to get it removed,” a source revealed.

When contacted, Deepika said, “Why should it be a matter of concern for anyone? It’s my tattoo. I’ve to deal with it. I’ve to wake up and see it every morning. I will decide what to do with it.”

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