Robbie Williams admits he went psycho on cactus cocktail

London: In a shocking revelation, Robbie Williams has admitted taking 60s psychedelic drug mescaline, made from cactus, during his downward spiral in the final days of ‘Take That version 1.0’.

In one mad session in Ibiza during the group``s mid-90s heyday, Robbie said he downed a cocktail that included the mind-warp mixture.

"I wasn`t going to do any drugs because I had to be back at Gary Barlow``s house the next day. But I drank these drinks called Poco Locos, at 30 quid a glass, which had mescaline, acid and ecstasy in them,” News Of The World quoted the rock star as saying.

"I had to catch a plane early in the morning, totally and utterly off my head. I got to Gary Barlow``s house and everybody was waiting for me. I went in and I put my hands up and went, ``I`ve found God!`` Then I collapsed and went to sleep for 48 hours in his bed," he recalled a little more from his drenched in drink past.

Not surprisingly Robbie didn`t manage to get the recording done and it wasn`t long before he fell out with Gary, his new best mate.

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