Robbie Williams considers himself national treasure

Updated: Nov 19, 2012, 19:36 PM IST

London: Singer Robbie Williams says he has all the reason to call himself a national treasure.

"Do I think I`m a national treasure? I don`t see why not? I don`t see why I shouldn`t be. I`m a good lad really," quoted Williams as saying.

"I have a gigantic ego and need to be at the top of the pile and be doing amazingly well. Also, at the same time, I`m just pleased to be anywhere," he added.

However, Williams, 38 is aware about the presence of some people who don`t like his work.

"I think that a lot of people don`t like my brand of whatever I do. I am the quintessential boy next door, I feel that way," he said.

Recently singer Gary Barlow was called a national treasure by Prince Charles during an award ceremony.