Robbie Williams shares bed with dogs

Los Angeles: Singer Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda Field share their bed with eight dogs.

The ‘Take That’ singer, who is married to US actress, has splashed out on a set of "doggy steps" so that his pooches Maggie, Wall-E, Rudy, Samantha, Sid, Duke, Poupette and Baby can reach the bed.

"The couple like sleeping with their pooches. Rob couldn`t stand having them sleep in another room - or, worse, outside. But some of the dogs are quite small - the bichon frise pup, particularly - and Robbie`s king-size bed is huge," quoted a source as saying.

"It was too high up for them all to clamber up. So Rob bought a special, bespoke set of fake fur-lined doggy steps so they can make it up there safely. Now the whole family sleeps together," the source added.