Robert De Niro to mentor Cheryl Cole?

London: Rapper 50 Cent has said that he will introduce singer Cheryl Cole to veteran actor Robert De Niro so that he can help her launch her acting career.

He believes Cheryl has the talent to become a serious actress and that he will arrange a meeting with De Niro in New York.

"I would love to get Cheryl involved in the movies. She is the queen of the music world at the moment and she can be the queen of Hollywood if that’s what she wants," a news website quoted him as saying.

"I am not talking about cameos in laughable movies. I am talking about proper, serious movie roles. She is talented and I can see her taking that talent from the music industry into the film industry," he said.

"I am going to set up a dinner in Robert’s restaurant in New York between the three of us and we can talk. Robert loves mentoring people. She has the looks, the talent and the contacts to be a movie star. And who better to learn off than the master?"

"We will get a private room at his place, eat some great food and talk about the future. He will talk to her and it wouldn’t surprise me to see her appearing in a De Niro movie within a couple of years of them meeting."

"She can have me behind her, Simon Cowell behind her and Robert De Niro behind her. If she wants to, she can take over the world," he added.