Robert Downing Jr is very encouraging: Chris Evans

London: Actor Chris Evans says veteran actor Robert Downey Jr was extremely encouraging and he often went to him for advice.

The 30-year-old actor who stars as Captain America in the new Marvel superhero adaptation `The Avengers` alongside veterans Downey Jr, Samuel L Jackson and Mark Ruffalo, says that it was a comforting experience working with Downey Jr, reported a website.

"I can`t say enough about Robert Downey Jr. He`s been so great. He`s so positive and so available and I just didn`t know what to expect coming out of this movie.

"He`s so experienced. He`s so engaging and encouraging and every single take, you finish and he`s like [thumbs up sign]. You skip back to your trailer - `Downey gave you a pat on the back!` He`s just amazing. I cannot say enough," he added.

Evans also bonded with fellow actor Chris Hemsworth on the set of `The Avengers`.

"(Chris) Hemsworth and I are kind of in the same boat, especially on this film. Everyone on `The Avengers` is so accomplished and experienced. So Hemsworth and I are kind of
in unchartered waters. But it`s been great for us to have each other.

"So the first day I came on set, the thing that really did it for me was Thor. Seeing the suit was awesome. And Hemsworth - he is Thor! Have you seen him? He`s the guy! He`s huge. And his cape on and his wig - and it`s like oh my god, this guy`s the god of thunder," said 30-year-old Evans.


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