Roger Moore saved Jane Seymour’s life on James Bond set

London: British actress Jane Seymour has revealed that Roger Moore turned into a real life hero and saved the actress’ life on the set of Bond movie ‘Live And Let Die,’ in 1973.

The two stars were shooting scenes for the dramatic climax of Moore’s debut 007 outing in 1973, when a mistake by a crewmember left the now 61-year-old actress teetering on the edge of a gaping hole in the ground.

Quick-thinking Moore grabbed Seymour by her hair and yanked her to safety with seconds to spare.

“It was the voodoo scene and I was tied up, waiting to be rescued by Bond. We were supposed to descend into a grave together, but it all went horribly wrong,” the Daily Express quoted her as telling Hello! magazine.

“The gravestone was actually a forklift truck in disguise and as the guy operating it pressed the wrong button, it collapsed.
“I could have plummeted into the chasm, but Roger instinctively grabbed my hair and pulled me towards him. I fell on top of him, on his private parts, which must have hurt,” she added.