Rohit Shetty’s heroic act!

Updated: Apr 07, 2013, 10:44 AM IST

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: Rohit Shetty has proved himself to be extra caring and helpful when it comes to his film crew. The Bollywood director had reportedly rushed to rescue one of his stuntman, who got burnt during the shoot of his upcoming movie ‘Chennai Express’.

According to DNA, the 40-year-old director - who is just eight movies old in the Hindi film industry - wasted no time in saving a stuntman, who met with an accident while filming an action sequence in Wai.

“It was an expensive, highly complex action sequence where the car, carrying the stuntman, had to pass through a blast. Rohit is always extremely particular about the safety precautions and has several rehearsals before he takes the final shot. All safety measures had been taken that day too, and the stunt guy was also wearing a fire-proof jacket. But in the minor explosion that happened with the car, the stuntman, got burns on his hand. Rohit went rushing to the car and got the stuntman out. Not wanting to leave him with anybody, Rohit even accompanied him to the hospital and stayed there throughout to ensure all treatment was in order. He even cancelled the shoot for the next day to personally attend to the person,” a unit member said.

“From the hospital in Wai, Rohit had his stuntman shifted to Mumbai to get him the best treatment available and after admitting him to a hospital here even took care of the expenses. The doctor in Wai told him that they could take care of him there as the burns were not major, but Rohit didn’t want to take any chances as small burns can also get infected and for Rohit all members of the crew are like his own family,” the source added.

Hats off to Rohit’s bravery!