Roman Polanski tops European Film Awards nominations

London: Roman Polanski is one of the top nominees for the upcoming European Film Awards.

The 77-year-old Polish actor is one of five men shortlisted for the Best European Director award, reports the BBC.

The film, released outside the UK as ‘The Ghost Writer’, has also been nominated for Best European Film.

Scottish star Ewan McGregor is up for Best Actor award for his performance in the movie, which has nominations in four additional categories.

Also vying for film honours is the Argentinian thriller ‘The Secret in Their Eyes’, which was named the Best Foreign Language film in the March Academy Awards.

Composer Gabriel Yared won this year``s European Achievement in World Cinema award.

The awards will be presented on December 4.

Polanski is wanted in the US for having sex with an underage girl in 1977, and spent the first half of 2010 under house arrest as Swiss authorities debated whether to extradite him.

He was working on the film when he was detained in Switzerland on a US arrest warrant.