Ronan Keating`s affair was an open secret

London: Ronan Keating`s lover Francine had kept their affair as no secret, as she turned down date after date, saying that she and the pop star were now a couple.

The Boyzone star was thrown out by wife Yvonne last week after he broke down and confessed to his affair with the band`s dancer.

What Yvonne didn`t know is that the fling had been going on for months and had continued until earlier this year.

"Francine had become quite indiscreet," The Sun quoted a source as saying.

"She told more than one friend this year she couldn`t date other men as she was with Ronan. It was as if she wanted people to know.

"By that time they`d been having an affair for months - it had become an open secret in the dancing community," the source added.

Francine, who had a boyfriend named Nick Robbins had dumped him soon after she joined the band and began her affair with the married pop star.

Nick`s dad Royston, 66, said, "I think they`d discussed marriage. She moved into his Chelsea flat and was really pleased when she began working for Ronan.

"Nick told me she was always receiving texts from Ronan. Next thing I heard, she`d told Nick that she wanted to end things."

Ronan will return to his 2.5million pound home in Dublin today, from gigs in Switzerland to beg 36-year-old Yvonne to take him back.

"He`s in bits - embarrassed and ashamed.

"He`s saying he`ll do whatever it takes to get Yvonne back. He`ll beg on his knees."

But a source close to mum-of-three Yvonne said: "She isn`t going to crumble on this.

"They had a pact never to cheat. Ronan really has little hope of saving the marriage," a close friend said.