Ronnie Woods ‘sells family home to complete financial settlement with ex’

London: Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood reportedly sold a home that he bought for his sister-in law to pay off his ex-wife.

The 63-year-old rocker had bought the house in southwest London for his brother Art and his wife Angela after their marriage 1991.

But Wood sold the house in a settlement with ex-wife Jo whom he divorced in 2008, reports The Daily Express.

“Jo is basically after half of everything Ronnie has. It`s rubbish that she`s only getting £6.5 million from the divorce,” a source told The Mail.

“Ronnie`s being forced to sell everything so Jo gets her half, and that includes the house he bought for Art and Angi in Teddington,” the source said.

“Ronnie felt so bad about it he got Sherry Daly from the Stones`` office to call her and tell her. He’s so embarrassed by the whole thing and can’t bear to speak to her,” he added.

“Angi is very sweet and relaxed and she rolled over and accepted it. But secretly, she’s devastated that she has to leave the house she shared with Art, although she wouldn’t say so. There’s no bad blood there but Ronnie hasn’t spoken to her since,” he source revealed.



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