Rowan Atkinson faces flak over futuristic home

Updated: Jul 17, 2010, 15:25 PM IST

London: British actor Rowan Atkinson who plays the lovable TV character Mr Bean, has run into trouble with his neighbours over plans to demolish his country mansion and replace it with a futuristic home.

The 55-year-old who is UK`s richest TV star, wants to build a 30ft-high flat-roofed plaster-and-glass rectangular home, which the neighbours say will be an eyesore, reported Sun online.

The actor married to Indian make-up artiste Sunetra Sastry, is worth more than USD 100 million and the new house will cost a whopping USD 10 million to build.

The design, linked by a transparent walkway to a "guest pavilion", is described as an "eroded white cuboid" with "carefully positioned facade of floating white solid plains".

Neighbours complain that the structure, which will sit on a prominent hill, is out of character in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

He and Sunetra, 52, bought Handsmooth House, which stands in 16 acres in the English countryside in 2006. But the couple, who also own homes in London and Northamptonshire, did not move in and the dilapidated 1930s property has been left empty.

Neighbours had hoped he might restore the old house to keep it in harmony with its surroundings.