Royal baby soon to come, celebs tweet excitement

London: The microblogging site Twitter has been flooded with posts by celebrities after the news of the Duchess of Cambridge going into labour was announced Monday morning.

The posts clearly show that it`s not just parent-to-be the Duchess of Cambridge, maiden name Kate Middleton, and Prince William who have been eagerly anticipating this moment for nine months now, reports

Here`s what the others have to say as the royal baby is soon to arrive:

TV personality Kelly Osbourne: It`s all so exciting. The Royal Baby is on the way!

Model Chrissy Teigen tweeted: This isn`t your baby Kate. Apparently it is our baby. All of us.

TV personality Piers Morgan: Keep Calm...and Carry On. Kate Labour. I watched Arsenal beat Borussia Dortmund 2-1 during my wife`s labour in Nov 2011. Very soothing for everyone involved. Kate.

Actress Sarah Hyland: Babywatch update! Kate Middleton has gone into labor! A royal baby is being born! I repeat! A ROYALBABY is being born!!

Hey Kate, it`d be great if u could pop out that royalbaby in the next 7 hrs or so, so I could say I was here when the baby was born?Kthanksbye.

Actress-singer Cat Deeley: Exciting, RoyalBaby on the way.

Musician Mark Hoppus: Yes, I know about the imminent arrival of the royal baby. It was my idea!

Singer Melanie Brown: Whoop whoop the royal baby is coming.