Royal sensation ‘Naked’ Harry, no big deal!

Zeenews Bureau

London: Going by the gossip murmurs in the high society and among the commoners in London, the possibility of Prince Harry losing his royal title following the naked drunken after party in Las Vegas is perhaps most unlikely.

Even as the royalty in Britain is reportedly contemplating a media blackout, people believe that the Harry’s latest nude photos will do little to tarnish his generally positive, party-prince image.

With many taking it as a ‘laissez-faire’, 27 year old Harry’s new drama is being seen one of the top amongst the various controversies he had been involved in the past.

According to certain news agencies who tried to know what common people think about Harry and if he did anything wrong, the report was far from shocking.

Asked if Harry did anything wrong? Jim Conlon, a 60-year-old construction worker: "The answer to that is categorically NO." Conlon, who was unloading bags of material from a car, seemed genuinely offended by the very question. "I`d be proud of him if he were my son," he said.

Conlon`s opinion was typical of a country where thousands of streets and pubs are named for the royal family. Polls published earlier this year showed support for the monarchy at an all-time high, perhaps buoyed by the celebrations surrounding Queen Elizabeth II`s Diamond Jubilee celebrations marking her 60 years on the throne.

A certain Shirley Ashard laughed at the news of Harry`s naked adventure, dismissing questions about the propriety of running around a plush hotel room in the buff with a boys-will-be-boys shrug.

"I`ve got kids. They do things like that," the 59-year-old said. "He`s a lad, for God`s sake."

The blurry, low-resolution photographs appear to have been snapped from inside a hotel suite, and it isn`t clear that the prince was aware that they were being taken.

Twitterati went abuzz lambasting media down for invading Harry’s privacy with many placing the blame on paparazzi culture manifesting the royalty reporting.

A tweet read – “Prince Harry got naked with some sluts in Vegas. Okay? Next thing you`re gonna tell me gambled too. Who cares? Grow up, media.”

Another said, “So what if Prince Harry got naked. The shame belongs on the `friend` who sold the pics.”

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