Rupert Grint is scared of spiders

London: Actor Rupert Grint says he is terrified of spiders just like his `Harry Potter` alter-ego Ron Weasley.

The 22-year-old actor is so terrified of spiders that he checks his shoes every day before he puts them on to make sure there are no creepy crawlies inside, reported a website.

"I`m arachnophobic. It`s really affected my life. I check my shoes every time I put them on. I check my bed sheets and pillows. I`m going to Australia in a few weeks. I`ve never
been before - spiders have always stopped me," Grint said.

While Grint may be terrified of spiders, he does have a fondness for animals, with miniature donkeys the latest additions to his family`s collection of pets.

"I suppose I`ve got some weird things. The latest thing is we`ve got miniature donkeys. They`re just like normal donkeys, but kind of half the size. We`ve just got two - Shakespeare and Pandora, just as pets. I`ve got miniature pigs as well, and miniature hedgehogs.

"We`ve also got dogs and cats and a parrot and peacocks. I live in the country, really. Just outside London.

There`s a few acres. They`ve got some good space," he said.


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