Rupert Grint pretty sure of no more ‘Harry Potter’ books

Washington: Rupert Grint has revealed that he would be surprised if JK Rowling makes her mind to write down another edition of ‘Harry Potter’.

However Grint, who plays the titular hero’s best friend Ron Weasley in the movie, said that he would be interested if the author wrote a prequel or a sequel to the international best sellers focusing on the main character’s parents or offspring.

“As a fan of the books I’d like another one. But I don’t think Ron would be in it. He’d be 36 and I don’t age well,” Contactmusic quoted Him as telling Attitude magazine.

“I’d be surprised if she did any more. I’m pretty sure she won’t. I don’t know where it would go. Maybe it would be our kids, or maybe it would be a prequel when James and Lilly were at school,” he added.


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